What to do When You Can’t Stop Daydreaming About Travel

The instant I commit to staying in one place for too long (and I’m embarrassed to admit how short a time frame ‘too long’ actually is), I get antsy.

My mind’s tendency is to look to the future (aka my next destination). So staying present is my most important daily task. And it isn’t an easy one.

Wait, is this an actual addiction? Have I rewired my brain to only be content when it’s getting its weekly hit of a new place? Ah well, regardless. I’ve developed some coping mechanisms for those times you can’t stop daydreaming about travel and I figured I’d share them with you all… Hope they help! (I’m off to look up the neuroscience behind travel addiction… will report back..)


Skyscanner: Destination Everywhere

My favorite go-to because you can enter your nearby airport as the origin and Everywhere* as the destination. You’d be surprised by the cheapest flights! Distance ain’t an accurate rule-of-thumb, that’s all I’m saying.

So worst comes to worst, figure out how much time you need between your 2 weeks notice, and selling off all your belongings, and then use That Date + Everywhere* as your jumping off point. Or do it the old-fashioned way and throw a dart at a map. (Pictures or it didn’t happen if you choose the latter!)

**Magical things have happened every time I’ve “resorted” to this method. Just saying.  Just saying again.

Click Here to Download the App and Support Your Daydreaming On-the-Go!


Peruse Workaway

Remind yourself of the vast array of possibilities for spending time in another country.  This is the best daydream cure if you’re serious about turning them into a reality because these options would only require you to purchase a one-way flight.

Regardless of practicality, it’s fascinating to see and read about the lives that people are living all over the world.

People do some cool shit.

It isn’t all farm work and sweeping hostels either. Want to teach Tae Kwon Do in Nicaragua? Or help out at a Skydive Club in Kenya on one of the top 10 beaches in the world?

I just spent all of 3 minutes on the site and those are just a couple of the fucking awesome opportunities I came across.

Whether you’re a chef, videographer, teacher, architect, yogi, or writer* there are literally thousands of different adventures waiting for you where you can save on accommodation and food, get to know beautiful new people, and experience a new city and culture firsthand.

*I spent 2 weeks living with a wonderful family in Lisbon, Portugal that runs a travel website, in exchange for my own apartment in their attic, delicious, authentic meals with the family (including fabulous local wine), and transportation to all the best beaches and neighborhoods.. all in exchange for writing a couple articles for their website and helping with some copy.

The connection with that family also led me to another writing gig for a Lisbon hostel.

Wonderful opportunities are a breeding ground for more wonderful opportunities.

Just a reminder.


Read A Good Travel Book

Find a book that is set in one of the countries you can’t stop daydreaming about, or just choose a generic wanderlust favorite, like The Alchemist or The Beach. There is no better way to pretend you’re somewhere else than submerging yourself in the depths of a good story.

Look up stuff to do near you.

Seriously. Google “day adventures near Insert Your City” and you’ll be surprised by how many things there are to do right in your own backyard that you never knew about. Sometimes all it takes is a small adventure to satiate that ravenous travel-hungry monster in your mind.

Good luck wanderlusty friends 🙂
Anyone have any other good tips to combat the daydreams?


*I’m an ambassador for Skyscanner and receive compensation from them which in no way influences how awesome I think they are.


22 thoughts on “What to do When You Can’t Stop Daydreaming About Travel

  1. What I tend to do, when I’m most homesick for the road, is to relive my memories. I read somewhere that the best journeys mature over time, and I have found that that’s very much the case; as you transport yourself back to those moments and places, you come across little sights and conversations which you may have forgotten to fully appreciate at the time, enriching your experiences with every visit. Its almost as if one were travelling to those places all over again.

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  3. Enjoy your travelling wanderlust – it’s a great addiction to have if it is one! There’s a big, wide world out there to explore, learn and enjoy! Thanks for visiting my blog and the ‘like’ – peace and blessings! : )


  4. Great advice! It definitely is needed as I cannot stop thinking about my upcoming trips. I get to the point that ignorer to stop thinking about them, I think about new places.. (we all know how that ends up); wanting to go there swell lol. Brilliant post

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  5. For a regular ol mom like me, reliving past adventures,and blogging about them has become my saving grace in my downtimes. Not to mention reading great blogs like this one! I feel like I’m living vicariously through you!

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