Flying from San Francisco to Europe for under $250

I haven’t booked a flight from Europe-SF or SF-Europe for over $250 in years. (and usually closer to $175, tbh.)


The secret?

  1. Knowing the budget airlines that run these long-haul routes
  2. Knowing the key cities to search from.
  3. Using the best search engine.

1) The Best Airlines to Use:

  • LEVEL – Fly direct from Barcelona to Oakland 2x per week starting at $179 one/way
  • Norwegian Air – Norwegian has a great feature on their site called “Destinations” where you can see a breakdown of monthly prices from one airport (San Francisco/Oakland) to all destinations in Europe.

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 13.56.33Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 13.56.41

  • WOW Airlines (San Francisco to Reykjavik from $129 and to many destinations across Europe for cheap… plus the optional, extended layover in Iceland!)


  • Thomas Cook (Manchester, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Paris, Oslo, Belfast City, Southampton, Aberdeen, Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Glasgow to San Francisco all under 200pounds.)
  • French Bee (formerly French Blue) just began a new route between San Francisco and Paris Orly beginning at $189 one/way.


2) The Best Cities to Fly in/out of

  • Manchester (on Thomas Cook)
  • Barcelona (LEVEL)
  • Paris (French Bee)
  • Oslo/Stockholm/Copenhagen (Norwegian)


3) Best Flight Search

A combination of Google (using their map feature) and Skyscanner (Use ‘Everywhere Search‘ if you’re flexible) will always find you the best deals.

Click here to download the Skyscanner App and Search on the Go


full disclosure: I work as a freelance writer and ambassador for Skyscanner (but only because I think they’re awesome).


My Most Magical Travel Moment of 2017: a Tribute to George

Magical Moments and Shared Happiness

I make a bare-minimum effort to document my most magical travel moments of the year in a sad effort to maintain this personal (public) travel journal,.

Because that’s what it’s all about. Those magical moments. These moments are usually sparked by the people I meet. And this year has been no exception.

Many incredible moments have occurred in my stark lonesome as well, but what was that devastating Into the Wild quote? Happiness only real when shared? Preach, Christopher McCandless. Continue reading “My Most Magical Travel Moment of 2017: a Tribute to George”

A New Travel App that Empowers Solo Female Travelers? I’m With it.

The world is teeming with good people. Teeming! They’re out there- chilling in tiny towns, bustling about big cities, frolicking in the countryside… ok, that’s enough. My point is: there are lots of good people and you can find them in all of Earth’s nooks and crannies.

But it’s not always easy to connect with them.

Not from thousands of miles away at least. And especially not for solo female travelers who may (understandably) be a bit wary of traveling alone in the first place.

That’s why I love getting behind people who are encouraging, empowering, and overall making it easier, for women to do it. Continue reading “A New Travel App that Empowers Solo Female Travelers? I’m With it.”

Top 5 Magical Travel Moments of 2016 

Which travel memories give you that jolt of electricity in your chest that makes your face compulsively light up? (I’ll assume this happens to everyone..) Did you visit a wonder of the world, cry at a surreally beautiful landscape, or meet someone you wound up having epic adventures with?

Sometimes the tiniest, seemingly silliest moments are the ones that retain the most oomph in my mind (technical neuroscience term for one’s favorite memories). But I’ll let my top 5 travel moments of 2016 speak for themselves. Hope they can inspire your 2017 travel plans as well:
Continue reading “Top 5 Magical Travel Moments of 2016 “

Toss your Travel Tips: The Budapest Files

Don’t you love when a city surprises you?

On planes, in hostels, randomly on the street.. People love to give you advice about the places they’ve been. I whip out my pen and ever-handy notebook to jot down their suggestions for cities I know I’ll be visiting in the near future. And then- when I’m finally headed to that city- I go back, revisit and research their tips.

Just kidding.

I never look at them again. Continue reading “Toss your Travel Tips: The Budapest Files”

I Booked a Flight Today Because Feta. 

Not because I want to eat it.. I mean, I do.. Feta is delicious.

But when I woke up this morning in Berlin I was fully intent on heading to Eastern Europe. After a week here, I feel like it’s time to move on. The plan has been to venture by train to Bratislava and Budapest. But something has been stopping me from booking the ticket for the past few days. That’s the great thing about “plans”.. They’re always tentative until they’re actually happening. Continue reading “I Booked a Flight Today Because Feta. “

Learn to Trust Your Intuition

Your brain is easily conditioned. Think about the last time you talked yourself out of something that felt right. It was probably so easy to do you didn’t even notice yourself doing it. Because thats how most of us learned to make choices: not what feels right, but what makes sense. Intuition vs. Logic. 

If you’re having a hard time recalling a situation, try to remember the last time something didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to. How did that scenario play out? At what point were you forced to make a choice and how did you choose?

While your mind naturally uses intuition to make choices, your brain uses the mechanisms it’s learned: that flimsy combination of logic, outcomes from past experiences, influence from loved ones, concern for how that choice will make you appear to others, etc. 

When choices are leading to negative outcomes consistently in your life it is because you’re consistently making decisions from the wrong place. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool myself into thinking I can keep doing things the same way and expect a different outcome? Well that just seems silly now doesn’t it? Continue reading “Learn to Trust Your Intuition”

Loop this World

Loop this world. Go continent hopping. Venture so far off the beaten path you can’t even see it in the distance. Leave for a week or bop between foreign lands until you can physically bop no more. Climb a lava-gurgling volcano. Laugh around a bonfire on a beach with the fire-lit faces of strangers. Ski the alps. Meet kindred spirits from every corner of the globe. Read a book from sunrise to sunset or spend the entire day writing in a dimly lit cafe as the world fast-forwards around you. Learn how to say thank you in every language you encounter. Relax your worries in a hammock; sway until tranquility takes over. Watch the moon wax and wane and thank the stars you can be wherever you want before it’s full again. Breathe in every smile and let go of every fear until love becomes your state of rest.  Continue reading “Loop this World”

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