Salzburg, My Happy City.

Having spent one day in Salzburg back in 2011, I fancied myself somewhat of a local. I clearly recall the first awe-inspiring glimpse of the hilltop castle and its cascading army of dome-topped churches and pastel buildings. The clouds parted, the sun hit my face, and I was suddenly a princess standing at the glimmering gates of my fairyland. And it was fully acceptable to skip across footbridges and do heel clicks up and down the streets.

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Stephanie and Kelly had no idea the fairytale land awaiting them in Austria. I was thrilled to return to my kingdom and to see its beauty reflected on the faces of my dear friends. Here my loves: here is the land of Edelweiss and Alps I have promised you.

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My second trip to Austria and I’d still never seen The Sound of Music.

“You’ve never seen The Sound of Music?!”

 I know. I hear you. I really do. And I couldn’t hear Do-Re-Mi one more time without a background story to go with it. Thankfully, my hostel made it easy for me by showing the movie every single night at 20:00h sharp. Watching it in prospect I could appreciate the sweeping panoramas and chirpy songs that capture the movie’s resilient melody. Maria, I get why you’re twirling around in fields girl! You live in the kind of city I dreamt about being whisked away to by a Prince when I was a little girl… (you’re still considered a little girl in your 20’s right?)

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I can’t seem to stop singing wherever I am. And what’s worse, I can’t seem to stop saying things – anything and everything I think and feel.-Maria

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