Moments of Beauty

Why is it when we’re someplace so surreal in its beauty, or in a moment so perfect in its entirety, we close our eyes? I catch myself doing it often, yet I’ve never realized how illogical it seems. But somehow it isn’t learned… It’s as natural a reaction as one can have.

Right now my mind is saying “Sure, what you see is beautiful. But stop. Feel the wind and taste the salt in it’s touch. Listen to the waves breaking in the distance. Fill your lungs with air and lift your head to the sky. Say ‘Thank You,’ out loud, for this moment. And feel the gratitude so tangibly it gives you chills.” Continue reading

Salzburg, My Happy City.

Having spent one day in Salzburg back in 2011, I fancied myself somewhat of a local. I clearly recall the first awe-inspiring glimpse of the hilltop castle and its cascading army of dome-topped churches and pastel buildings. The clouds parted, the sun hit my face, and I was suddenly a princess standing at the glimmering gates of my fairyland. And it was fully acceptable to skip across footbridges and do heel clicks up and down the streets.

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