I Booked a Flight Today Because Feta. 

Not because I want to eat it.. I mean, I do.. Feta is delicious.

But when I woke up this morning in Berlin I was fully intent on heading to Eastern Europe. After a week here, I feel like it’s time to move on. The plan has been to venture by train to Bratislava and Budapest. But something has been stopping me from booking the ticket for the past few days. That’s the great thing about “plans”.. They’re always tentative until they’re actually happening. Continue reading

A Santorinian Thing

So Kelly and I shift to Santorini. Hands-down, full throttle. S-curve roads to Ancient Thira, black beaches, red beaches, volcanic ash beaches. Every city is like the snow cap on a mountain top from afar, and a blinding white inferno from aclose. Renting that ATV on this island was the best travel decision we’ve made in our 15 countries together.

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