Pinpoints on This Globe

A know-it-all sorority girl in my college Italian class once passionately proclaimed from the back row that she hated airports. She was jabbering on about the flight she had to catch later and how insanely long the lines would be. “I mean, nobody likes being at the airport,” she whinced.

“Amo gli aeroporti” I responded as I whipped around in my desk.

My mouth often works faster than my brain. “Think before you speak” was a frequent time-out goal assigned to me by adults when I was younger. This time, I probably didn’t need to pick a silly, travel-based battle considering I couldn’t even get my language of response right.

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I somehow managed to not eat a waffle in Belgium

A best friend of a best friend (a mutual best friend?) lives in Brussels. I contacted her before my trip in hopes of popping by Belgium and maybe grabbing a waffle together. Instead, she was kind enough to invite me to stay at her house*.

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