Sunsets, Sea Organs, Sun Salutations: Zadar

I open and enter Dublin in the origin box. 10/07/2015. Destination: Everywhere. The list starts loading and towards the top I see Zadar. I’ve been dying to go to Croatia but I’m worried I outstayed my good weather fortune and budget constraints for Europe. Ireland has left me craving sunshine and cheap prices. Continue reading

Pretty In-Crete-able

I thought I hated Greek food. I don’t like olives. I’d always imagined the food here to have a dirty martini vibe. Instead, this country has delivered a culinary tour de force. Don’t get me wrong- there is a solid amount of olives rolling around these islands. But mostly they’ve been deliciously transformed into oil. Oil that’s used in everything: baking feta, mashing fava, frying squash blossoms, saganaki’ing saganaki.

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